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Always Hemp

All products are made with CBD or CBN derived from hemp plants grown in the United States.


Shop Smart

Not all CBD is created equal. We only deliver hemp products we've vetted and extensively sampled.


Full Spectrum and Isolate

Whether you are looking for the full-spectrum entourage effect, or a more targeted isolate, we have you covered.

Shipping Nationwide

We deliver hemp CBD throughout much of the United States. Get plant-based care to your doorstep.


Craft CBD

We're a one-stop-shop for craft, hemp-derived CBD products, including vetted products for your pet.


Find Your Favorite

There are new CBD products coming out everyday. Compare and review hemp products side-by-side.

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The History of Hemp

The History of Hemp

Hemp has been used for many years—as early as 8,000 BC—for a multitude of uses. Today we’re exploring the hemp’s origins from start to

CBD and Hangovers

CBD and Hangovers

We explore how CBD might be able to help ease your next hangover.

Types of Hemp

Types of Hemp

Within hemp-derived CBD, there are three kinds of options currently on the market: full-spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Read on to learn mor...