City & Sea Trading is a Californian small business manufacturing high quality CBD rich hemp oils since 2016. Their brilliant team has invested heavily into crafting unique and all-natural products, sourcing the highest quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients for their formulas. 


When the CBD market was first emerging in 2015, City & Sea Trading decided to experiment with the CBD tinctures available in stores, which lead them to find that the tinctures were often in a base of hemp seed oil or olive oil, and smelled and tasted rancid due to the unstable qualities of polyunsaturated oils. 

Their team also found the labeling and testing information questionable, not knowing if certain products contained the actual amount of CBD their label claimed, worse: whether it also might contain heavy metals, pesticides or mold.  Due to the lack of transparent integrity, they decided to create a line of tinctures people could feel good about taking daily for themselves, but also give out and help beloved pets, family and friends.

City & Sea Trading's tinctures and topicals, mindfully made with the highest quality ingredients and intention, are unique superfoods and super-herbs to create a potent synergy in the user's body. In their own words: "We are extremely proud to have helped so many people the past five years using our knowledge of health with what we feel are some of the best and unique full spectrum CBD oils on the market."