Happy Organics Hemp Extract Happy Honey - 120mg


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Happy Organics' Happy Honey will not only make you happy, but the bees who produce it are very upbeat as well because Happy Organics' farmers only collect honey when it's necessary and beneficial to their hives. This process leads to much richer results, as the bees collect pollen and nectar from the flowers and plants around their farm, including sage and wildflower, and return to add to their precious hive's honeycombs. Happy Organics' Raw Honey has never been heated to ensure enzymes stay intact; instead, it is strained and naturally contains wax, propolis, and pollen. CBD Honey is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high-just happy. At Happy Organics, our bees are our first and foremost priority. We care for our bees and make sure they are in good health without exposing them to harsh chemicals.  

Happy Organics is rooted in beekeeping, which was first introduced to the founder's family by their Grandfather in Michoacan, Mexico. The craft was passed on to the family, with the infusion of CBD being added to harvested raw honey to ease the grandfather's pain as he got sicker from a cancer diagnosis. Thus, Happy Organics was born, now offering a variety of honey and hemp-derived products that are sweet, beneficial, and above all: sustainable. The down-to-earth packaging and brand's playful side reflect their appreciation of their roots. 

All products contain less than .03% THC

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