Alive & Kicking White CBG Flower


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White CBG is one of the new unique cannabis strains with a CBG focus. The aroma is zesty, and the flavor is equally earthy and sings of spices, yet the pull is still smooth, with the smallest bit of berries tucked in the aftertaste. This is a wonderful strain to pair with the CBD Hawaiian Haze for an incredibly easing experience. CBG is also thought to be the ‘mother’ of all cannabinoids – as it eventually leads to the creation of the other cannabinoids, and is perfect for daytime activities. 

A humidity-controlled single jar of high CBG hemp flower – 1/8oz (3.5g)

Alive & Kicking only uses the best premium CBD hemp flower sourced from reputable farms in the USA. So that means these things have no additives and used no pesticides in any of the process. They select and handpick the best buds possible to go into every jar, with this overly easing bud proof that they like to take their time and only present the most pristine options possible. 

14.28% CBG

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.