Birthed from a combination of skills and family love for each other and their community, Happy Organics is actually rooted in beekeeping, which was first introduced to the Founder's family by their Grandfather in Michoacan, Mexico. The craft was passed on to the family, with the infusion of CBD being added to harvested raw honey to ease the grandfather's pain as he got sicker from a cancer diagnosis. The raw plant was just too harsh to ingest, so infusing CBD oil with the sweet honey improved the experience and taste, while maintaining the pain relief properties. 

Thus, Happy Organics was born, now offering a variety of honey and hemp-derived products that are sweet, beneficial, and above all: sustainable. The down-to-earth packaging and brand's playful side reflecting their appreciation of their roots. Their story continues as they share the craft of beekeeping with future generations and strive to increase sustainability and educate our community on the importance of bees.