Happy Organics NOCHE Chocolate Tonic 400mg


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Happy Organics NOCHE Chocolate Tonic is a delicious hemp CBD chocolate mix, wonderful whether it be day or night. The NOCHE mix being 400mg CBD per package and is great for users who aren't sensitive to CBD. Like chocolate itself, this product is an excellent dessert on top of any day, complete with adaptogens and a sweet (but unsweetened) flavor that will tease one's flavor palate as it eases one's body. These tonics have a hint of cinnamon and passionflower and are shaped into hearts and Calaveras that can be dissolved into your liquid of choice. Creating a delicious experience that would promote the overall wellness of the drinker is the goal of these 90% Dark Adaptogenic Mexican Hot Chocolate Elixirs.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.