Mineral MAISON Recovery Salve 300mg


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MAISON CBD Recovery Salve has scents reminiscent of California redwoods.  MAISON whole-plant topical is an effortlessly smooth salve that you can use on damaged skin, muscles, and tissue.

MINERAL is a whole-plant hemp brand with formulations dense in essential plant components and materials. The various formulations that MINERAL came up with truly embraces a mix of extracts, terpene pairings, and a wealth of natural herbs and oils.

MINERAL was formed when creator Matthew "Mills" Miller was in search of purpose on personal travels around the Andes Mountains. Upon contracting an amoeba parasite, he sought natural plants and herbs to cure his system of the parasite and, in doing so, stumbled across his new purpose. With an epiphany, he saw "an opportunity to reintroduce our community to plant medicines quickly became our calling." Thus, with an extensive amount of hours in the creative space, MINERAL emerged.

2oz Container, with 300mg of Whole Plant Oil
All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

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