Foria - Awaken CBD Arousal Oil


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Experience Awaken, the best-selling Intimacy CBD formula from Foria, which is currently receiving rave reviews from various women and communities for crafting an all-natural and effective CBD Topical. This unique topical works with your body to enhance pleasure, ease discomfort and help make great sex even better, with a blend of broad-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals.

Awaken was designed to support sexual wellness for women and people with vulvas – solo or with a partner. Foria has also ensured their products are pure and “clean”, taking that statement to a whole new level. Not only do all of their Intimacy formulas use 100% all-natural and organic botanicals, but they also have no fragrances, additives, or synthetic anything – ever.

Awaken is organic, using only an MCT coconut oil-based foundation for the most sensual, natural feel and to get the best benefits from the botanical ingredients. The CBD and ingredients used are all USDA organic-certified, regeneratively-grown hemp and free of any alcohol or unnatural additives, including glycerin, parabens, dyes, and alcohols. Formulas are also 100% edible, tasty, vegan, and gluten-free.