Happy Organics Calming Face + Body Massage Oil - 300mg


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Happy Organics' Calming Massage Oil is made by gently infusing arnica, calendula, lavender, and plantain leaf in avocado oil for 24 hours, carefully mixing and crafting an all-body oil designed to ease aches and open pores. Their brilliant concoction is brought to life by straining the flowers out of the avocado oil and mixing it with Happy Organics' personal hemp extract (CBD oil). Users can spread the oil across their face and body, lightly massaging or deep tissue pressing for advanced pain relief and topical skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.

This Massage Oil can also help reduce topical pain on joints, muscles, and bruises. It can also help with burns(sunburns & heat burns), cuts, and bug bites. Massage a pea-sized drop of oil on the area as often as necessary.

Happy Organics is actually rooted in beekeeping, which was first introduced to the founder's family by their Grandfather in Michoacan, Mexico. The craft was passed on to the family, with the infusion of CBD being added to harvested raw honey to ease the grandfather's pain as he got sicker from a cancer diagnosis. Thus, Happy Organics was born, now offering a variety of honey and hemp-derived products that are sweet, beneficial, and above all: sustainable. The down-to-earth packaging and brand's playful side reflecting their appreciation of their roots. 

All products contain less than .03% THC