Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum Sport Gel 100mg


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Introducing the world's only full spectrum water soluble super CBD, made without any synthetics! Ojai Energetics aims to bring ancient healing products to new life, using modern innovations without compromising quality or affordability. In their own words, Ojai wishes to: "provide our customers with a dependable bridge to optimal living," and their remarkable history goes to show this. Ojai Energetics utilizes vital natural organic supplements with water-soluble CBD to promote everyday health and healing, leading the world in developing CBD and CBD delivery methods.

Ojai Energetics' Full Spectrum Sport Gel is a fast-acting gel featuring encapsulated hemp extract and powerful natural herbs. It acts quickly and is easy to use, as you just rub it onto the skin and massage it gently. This is the only full-spectrum CBD that is water-soluble and fully organic without any synthetics. This full spectrum cannabinoid gel will easily fit in your sports bag, yoga bag, and can quickly become a must-have after a tough workout.

Directions (on package):
Apply lotion by hand or directly onto the specific area and gently massage into skin. Repeat as needed.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.