Ojai Energetics Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir 250mg


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Ojai Energetics' Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir is the only full-spectrum organic CBD oil that's water-soluble, made without synthetics or synthetically modified compounds. As a result, most hemp users feel the benefits of CBD in less than 30 seconds. According to Ojai, "You'd have to take 5,000mg of regular CBD-rich hemp oil to get the same effects as our 250mg water-soluble CBD oil. This difference comes from the product's use of our revolutionary water-soluble CBD that utilizes patented technology."

Unlike other water-soluble CBD-rich products, Ojai Energetics Hemp Elixir is made with only certified organic ingredients. Any other water-soluble product on the market has to use nano-synthetic or synthetically modified compounds. They are substantially less bioavailable as a liposome and reaching an effective dose will be not only cost prohibitive, a large amount would still be required to reach an effective dosage. You should also keep in mind that those formulas will take at least 15 minutes, if not more, to start to produce results. So, not only will this full-spectrum hemp oil enter your body more quickly, but thanks to its significantly higher bioavailability, you will get more with each drop than with other products. 

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.