Pharma-C Skin 420 Lip Balm - 50mg


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Pharma-C products are made with certified organic ingredients that are Fair-trade, and all products are packaged in Eco-friendly packaging. A certified and award-winning Hemp & CBD distributor that focuses on providing quality & innovative products that taste great and offer an alternative approach to wellness!

The Pharma-C 420 lip balm takes the edge off of high levels of pain around the lips and mouth and will also soothe any cuts/cracks. Discreet, portable, and perfect for dosing some much needed CBD while running about your day!

Apply generously to the affected area. If trying to stop a cold sore or headache, apply every 15-30 mins. Continue to use until you feel any throbbing/pain subside (1-2 Days). Use daily for soft, healthy lips.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.